• Aluminum plastic door and window end milling machine

Aluminum plastic door and window end milling machine

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Aluminum plastic door and window end milling machine


ZDX04-200 aluminum door and window face milling machine is one of the special equipment for aluminum door and window production line. Applicable to the forming and processing of various profile end surfaces and step surfaces. Such as aluminum doors and windows, sliding forming processing, chamfering, opening rectangular holes and so on. This equipment absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. It is a new model carefully developed and produced by our company. The whole machine has a compact structure and a large processing range. It is convenient to operate and has high production efficiency.

u Equipment characteristics:

² It is suitable for forming processing of various profile end faces, step faces and end grooves.

² The worktable can be adjusted up and down, suitable for various profiles.

² The tool spindle is connected through a coupling, and the motor spindle's running accuracy will not affect the tool's working accuracy.

² The tool feed adopts linear motion pair, which makes the work performance stable.

² Roughness of machining end face: Ra12.5um.

u Main specifications and technical parameters

Power supply: 380V 50Hz motor power 2.2KW

Motor speed 2800r / min Air source working pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa

Spindle diameter φ32mm Milling cutter diameter φ110-φ200 mm

Installable milling cutter width 90 mm Feed stroke of headstock 0-250 mm

Worktable size 500 × 350 mm Worktable lifting stroke 0-80 mm

Rotation angle of positioning plate 0-55 ° The maximum size of tenon 90 × 45 × 200 mm

Dimensions 850 × 740 × 1280 mm Weight 50Kg

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