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Rolling Bending machine skills in actual operation

Rolling Bending machine skills in actual operation

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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Bending machine skills in actual operation

Roll bending machines have been widely used in many industries, and each industry has its own characteristics. For example: Aerospace bending machines usually require high precision and flexibility; shipbuilding industry bending machines

This machine requires particularly high output torque and is easy to install and dismantle large pipe fittings; the automotive industry requires particularly high production cycles as well as reliability and durability.

Before transporting, moving, and installing the bending machine, you must carefully read the safety precautions for transportation, movement, and installation of the machine. Strict enforcement of preventive measures stipulates that most accidents are caused by human negligence and non-compliance with safety regulations.


Then the safety precautions for transport, movement and installation of the bending machine should be at least:

 1. Before transporting, hoisting and moving the bending machine, you must confirm the information about the model, size and total weight of the machine, and then choose the steel cable that will bear the weight of the machine and the ring buckle bending machine for suspension.

Machine weight of lifting equipment and mobile equipment;

 2. The bending machine must be hoisted according to the hoisting plan instructions;


 4. There must be enough space to lift, move and install the bending machine to avoid injury to workers and machines. Unrelated personnel must not be in the work area of ​​the bending machine to avoid injury.

The bender bends the tube in the same way as the steel plate. In a pure bending state, when a pipe with a diameter of D and a wall thickness of t is subjected to an external torque M, both sides of the weakly acidic layer will become soft due to the tensile stress σ1 and the softened acidic layer.

Under the action of the thick ground stress σ1, the wall thickness becomes thicker. Due to the combined forces F1 and F2, the shape of the cross section changes from a ring shape to an oval shape. When the deformation is too large, the thickness of the two sidewalls may cause cracks, and the thickness of the inner sidewalls may wrinkle.

The smaller the degree of deformation of the pipe, the R / D and the relatively thin t / D standard value are relatively curved and semi-bent. The smaller the R / D and t / D values, the higher the level.

In order to ensure the forming quality of the pipeline, the deformation level must be controlled within the approved range. The bending forming limit of a pipe is not only the physical properties and bending methods of the raw materials, but also the application requirements of the pipe.

The forming limit of the pipeline should include the following: 1) The residential area on the side of the weak acid layer is stretched and deformed. 1) Large extensional deformation does not exceed the control value of plastic deformation and causes cracking;

Part of the thick-walled structure with tangential ground stress will not exceed stability and folds; 3 if ovality is required, the cross section will be manipulated to cause changes; 4 if the pipeline has compressive strength requirements to withstand internal working pressure

In this case, the molding limit of the reduced wall thickness is manipulated.

The CNC lathe bending machine in the pipeline must have a good grounding device, and the transmission line cannot be less than 4mm2 copper copper wire.

It is not allowed to connect the working voltage of the switching power supply beyond the required range, it is not allowed to insert and remove software, and it is not allowed to use a megohm test control circuit, otherwise

When inserting the connector, do not pull or pull the power cord or cable to prevent unplugging by electric welding.

Proximity switch

Do not hit the motor with hard blocks.

Do not hit the display information module with sharp objects.

The hydraulic roll bending machine is a portable four-column hydraulic machine for pipeline construction on site. It has the characteristics of compact and lightweight, convenient middle movement and easy disintegration.

Suitable for cold drawing various seamless pipes. In addition to the elbow function, the device can also be used as a hydraulic jack after disassembly. It is mainly used in power construction, heating furnaces, highway bridges, ships, furniture, high-speed rail

The pipeline paving and maintenance have complete functions at the construction and decoration levels, reasonable configuration, convenient use, convenient movement, and fast installation.

Automatic roll bending machine is not suitable for use in dirty, high temperature and high humidity environment, and it also has high requirements for the power supply environment of the power grid. The power supply voltage of the automatic roll bending machine should not be less than ± 10, and the three are balanced and stable.

Too bad a grid requires a voltage regulator.

In addition to the conventional attachment and lubrication of automatic roll bending machines, the following parts must be carefully maintained:

 1. The guide rail and lead screw of the automatic bending machine must not be contaminated with dirty water and dirt. After the dirt is stained, wipe with a clean cotton gauze, and then wipe with an absorbent cotton cloth soaked with 10 oil.

 2. Guide rollers and bearings. To extend the service life of the guide rollers and bearings, excessively dirty coolant should also be replaced. For example, if the fully automatic roll bending machine is not turned on for a short period of time, the guide wheel should be turned for several tens of seconds without water.

Dirty water between the idler and the idler sleeve was thrown away. After writing a small amount of oil, rotate it for a few seconds to discard the oil and dirt from the gap, and then write a small amount of oil.

In order to keep the guide wheels and bearings relatively clean.

 3. \\ r Do not knock or hit any part of the bed, especially the wire frame should not interfere with the bed due to excessive travel, which will seriously damage the parts or accuracy of the automatic roll bending machine.

 4. The online cable between the control cabinet and the automatic roll bending machine should be protected by a cover or plastic plate. The cable must be free to step on. The cable must be slack.

Do not flatten the corrugated cable sheath.

When moving the console cabinet, handle it gently. Do not insert or touch the connector or keyboard with oily hands.

 5. Couplings and keys on the bobbin shaft and motor should always be tight and stable. In the event of loose keys and knocking of the coupling, immediately replace the cushion and


After a long period of reversal, the keyway on the shaft will deform and expand.

Anti-corrosion pipes are also commonly referred to as anti-corrosion pipes. It refers to steel pipes that can effectively prevent or slow down chemical or electrochemical reaction corrosion during transportation and use. It is mainly used in China's petroleum and chemical industries.

, Natural gas, thermal power, sewage treatment, water sources, bridges, steel structures and other pipeline engineering fields can effectively prevent or slow down corrosion.

For anticorrosive pipes, we can use a roll bender to roll. First, the direction of the pipe should be kept horizontal so that the corrosion-resistant pipe is located in the mold, base, and wedge. To achieve this, two handles are needed, the basic control handle and the wedge control handle.

After placing the anti-corrosion tube, the wedge pressure reached 21

At 0bar.

Press the base control handle to raise the main top cylinder. When it rises to a certain height, release the handle and pause for 1-2 seconds to reduce elasticity. At this point, you can use an angle ruler to measure the angle of the cold roll and then lift the basic controls

Handle, release the cylinder pressure, lift the wedge control handle on the roll bender, release the wedge cylinder pressure, and then measure the bending angle, you will find the back and forth angle changes due to the elasticity of the steel, but how to know the rebound rate of the steel ? The bending angle reaches 1 degree, and the actual natural angle is only 0.5 degrees.

When you start making each cold roll, you need to measure the first two, the last two, and the middle time. This can reduce the influence of various factors on the roll angle. \\ n

Due to the different scope and field of use, the shape requirements of many bender metal tubes have also become more complicated. Therefore, the roll bending machine system must be redesigned and developed. The rise of the automotive industry and other industries The demand for roll bending machines has led to changes in the number of roll bending machines. The conservative two-dimensional roll bending machine cannot meet the complex industrial needs.

The alternative is a 3D CNC roll bending machine, and it is in this context that it has gradually developed and matured.

 The application of 3D NC roll bending machine program design controller PLC control system provides technical guarantee for complex roll bending system. In the prior art, an anti-crease sheet for a roll bending machine is disclosed. Anti-crease sheet is a split type anti-crease sheet specially used for roll bending machine.

The plate is made of copper. The anti-crease plate frame and the anti-crease plate are installed in a complete shape. The anti-crease plate is provided with a positioning groove and fixed on the anti-crease plate frame with bolts.

After the split type anti-wrinkle plate is worn, it can be used continuously only by replacing with a new copper sleeve anti-wrinkle plate, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the anti-wrinkle plate and reducing the cost of replacing parts.

There is also a movable anti-crease plate device for a roll bending machine, which has a rotating shaft, a clamping seat, a guide wheel mold, an anti-crease plate and a positioning seat on the roll bending machine device.

Set on the top surface of the rotating plate. Before feeding the workpiece, the rotating plate is driven by the driving element to drive the anti-crease plate to swing outward, so that the end of the workpiece is as close as possible to the clamping seat and the guide wheel mold, thereby achieving the following purposes: ## Saving tailings and saws Processing costs required to cut tailings.

The above two anti-crease plates will not reduce the friction between the surface of the anti-crease plate and the rolling fitting, that is, they cannot improve the wear of the anti-crease plate. Therefore, further improvements are needed. Improved roll bending machine anti-crease plate lubrication system includes the main components of the roll bender, lubricating oil tank, anti-crease plate, anti-crease plate bracket, oil pump, oil pipeline and joints, among which anti-crease

The plate is fixed on the headbox of the roll bending machine through an anti-crease plate bracket. The bottom of the anti-crease plate bracket has a waist-shaped hole, which is connected by bolts and a fixed base. There are through holes in the four corners of the fixed base, and then bolts are used.

It is fixed on the headbox and the anti-crease plate matches the central mold. The anti-crease plate bracket extends vertically at the upper part and has a waist-shaped groove. Accordingly, the outside of the anti-crease plate is provided with a connection screw hole.

The screws have been connected, and oil holes are set on the molding arc surface inside the anti-crease plate.

A screw hole is provided on the outer side of the anti-crease plate, and the screw hole is communicated with the oil outlet hole. The lubricant tank is installed inside the roll bending machine. One end of the oil pipeline is connected to the lubricating oil tank on the machine tool through the oil pump, and the other end is fixed in the screw hole through a joint.

When the bending machine works, the lubricating oil in the lubricating oil tank is sent to the oil outlet of the anti-crease plate through the oil pump and the oil pipeline, thereby reducing the friction between the anti-crease surface. -Anti-crease plates and pipe fittings, and improved anti-crease plates.

Wear problem

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