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Working principle of aluminum profile CNC roll bending machine

Working principle of aluminum profile CNC roll bending machine

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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Working principle of aluminum profile CNC roll bending machine

The difference between CNC arc aluminum profile bending machine and aluminum profile bending machine lies in the customer's name. He wanted to call it an aluminum profile bending machine, and an arc machine was actually a device.

It can also be bent and rolled, which is also collectively referred to as rolled aluminum profile bending machine.

CNC aluminum profile roll bending machine has simple structure, reliable performance and low cost. It has been around for decades and is still widely used today. # R # On numerical control rounding machines with low speed and large torque, the use of hydraulic transmission is more and more due to the large size of the transmission system, the large power of the motor and the large fluctuation of the power grid at startup.

In recent years, CNC roll bending machines have aluminum profile roll bending machines. These hydraulic roll bending machines use hydraulic motors as power to control the movement of work rolls, but the main driver is still a mechanical and mechanical hydraulic hybrid transmission.

Rounding is performed under the effect of external force, which will cause the outer layer fibers of the steel plate or profile to elongate, the inner layer fibers to be shortened, and the middle layer fibers to remain unchanged.

When the radius of the cylinder is large, it can be rounded at normal temperature. If the radius is small and the steel plate is thick, it should be rounded after heating.

 There are three ways for NC aluminum profile roll bending machine to fillet the steel plate at room temperature: mechanical fillet, tire molding and hand-made.

Mechanical rounding is performed on CNC aluminum profile bending machines, also known as aluminum profile bending machines.

 The aluminum arc aluminum profile bending machine of the CNC numerical control aluminum profile bending machine adopts a proportional servo oil pressure system, which is stable and efficient, and the mechanical structure has no gap connection. In the processing of special-shaped arcs, multiple radii can be bent at the same time, and multiple curvatures can be formed at the same time, which effectively improves the processing efficiency and saves labor.

Ordinary arc can be processed in one operation, and it is very efficient.

It can also be molded multiple times according to the actual situation, which effectively guarantees the appearance of the arc and the practicality of the equipment.

The aluminum CNC arc machine adopts the servo hydraulic system independently developed by the imported oil pump. Under the working condition of 25 tons pressure, the positioning accuracy of the working shaft is less than 0.02mm repeated control accuracy.

The advantages and characteristics of arc bending machine, the characteristics of this equipment are mainly reflected in the following aspects

 1. This product is controlled by PLC, inverter motor feed, servo motor feed roller, with various pre-set settings for different bending radians, digital subtitle display, human-computer interactive operation, manual and semi-automatic operation modes.

 2. The whole machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable performance, high work efficiency and high safety factor. It is an ideal equipment for rolling processing of vegetable greenhouse pipe fittings.

This device is powered by the motor, the output of the reducer and the gearing.

The winding speed can be arbitrarily adjusted by the inverter controlling the motor speed.

The large servo motor adjusts the bending diameter and the device has 8 drive wheels. Completed a passive round.

 3. This machine can be used for curved round tubes, square tubes, oval tubes, profiled steel, C-type double-membrane frames and other greenhouse tubes. This machine can be used for many purposes, saving money and worry.

4. The device also has eleven storage functions and a touch screen device, which provides convenience for your next operation.

The profile curved aluminum profile bending machine is a kind of curved three-roller aluminum profile bending machine. The bed is made of a steel plate structure to eliminate internal stress. The driving force of the main roller is transmitted to the power through a hydraulic system through a hydraulic motor, a gear and a sprocket for rotational movement.

The two side rollers perform an arc-shaped movement around the central axis. The hydraulic system rotates at the same time as the main roller through the power transmitted by the hydraulic motor and gear.

 Arc motion ensures the accuracy of the rolled profile.

It can be installed vertically or horizontally according to site and profile requirements.

This model is driven entirely by three rollers and can be pre-bent at the end of the profile. By adjusting the guide rollers, distortions that occur during asymmetric rolling can be corrected. All operations are done via buttons on the electrical control cabinet.

Digital displacement display, display accuracy is 0.1mm.

Depending on the shape of the outline part, different shapes can be scrolled.

The biggest advantage of this type of equipment is the high precision and high work efficiency of rolled profiles.

The rollers of the machine have three movements:

 1 can perform lifting exercises;

 2 Arcing motion can be performed # r # n # 3 Rotary motion can be performed at the same time to ensure the molding quality of the profile during rolling

The lifting displacement of the two lower rollers is displayed digitally, which is eye-catching and intuitive. The machine is equipped with a separate operating platform for easy operation.

This type of curved aluminum profile bending machine has sufficient strength and rigidity to meet the bending of the profile within the capacity of the machine. The mold can be rolled by changing the angle, flat steel, square steel, channel steel, I-beam, round steel and steel pipe.

This machine has advanced structure, reliable operation, small size and complete functions. Is an advanced profile forming equipment at home and abroad.

Widely used in boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower, metal structure and other industries.

Although the market demand is not very strong today, as long as the product quality is improved, the market will be better. In recent years, we have made technical improvements and innovations on equipment such as profile bending machines and profile rolling machines.

It has formed an advantageous industry with a certain scale, good industrial support, outstanding product functions and certain core competitiveness.

We know that only by improving the internal quality of the enterprise can we fundamentally strengthen the enterprise itself and better cope with the depressed market.

In order to make our profile curved aluminum profile bending machine unique in the complex and volatile market, we must innovate in design methods and processing technologies, and have independent property rights in order to broad market prospects.

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