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Roll Bending forming Machine

Analysis of the basic principles of roll bending machine

Roll bending machine is a common type of round bending machine, using the rolling three-point extrusion arc principle to achieve arc bending, then in the roll bending machine forming process, we need to have some basic understanding of the roll bending machine.

Let's first look at the basic principle of the roll bending machine:

1, multiple forming, as shown below-roll bending machine,

When the pressing amount of the bending machine is small during multiple forming, he will make a curved movement around the driving wheel, that is, the Y axis. At this time, when the Y axis is pressed down, the profile contact point will perform a tangent point movement at the center of the Y driving wheel. The change is not very obvious, so you may need to consider the dynamic position of the tangent point in mathematics at this time, but in actual bending, you don't need to study so much. We consider the center point as the tangent point. The point gradually changes its movement, so under the same radius, the depression point of the Y axis will be deeper, and the deformation area of the profile will move less. Similarly, the rotation of the X axis will not hinder the change of the tangent point .

2. One-time forming, as shown below-roll bending machine,

When encountering a small radius, we need to complete the pressing once, then the position of the tangent point will move backward, and a large area will move backward. At this time, the control area will change, so we need to Pay attention to the action of the deformation area. If the large material is not yet problematic, the small material will deform. At this time, effectively controlling the center distance and controlling the angle of the auxiliary axis have become a key issue, and the distortion of the profile is brought with it. Problems, so we need to control the material holding device and the four-axis positioning device in time to reduce the variables in the bending process of the profile. What are the problems in the analysis and decomposition of the bending machine? In fact, we do not need us To do it deliberately, sometimes you may want to control a point when bending, but this point will not be the same as imagined, so the theory of real mathematical calculations is sometimes different from the process, so, We need a lot of experience to grasp. It's true unity as we process and solve.

The bending machine industry is becoming more and more active, but with the rapid development, many problems have also arisen. Some unscrupulous manufacturers opportunistic, ordinary hydraulic systems are made into servo hydraulics, and ordinary motors are used as servo motors.

Let ’s analyze the next three devices

1.Hydraulic roll bending machine, the hydraulic system is divided into two types, a servo proportional valve, and the second is an ordinary hydraulic system. The servo proportional valve is currently on the domestic market. The price of a universal servo proportional valve is about 10,000 yuan. The imported proportional valve needs more than 30,000, the construction cost is too high, and the oil control system can not achieve a good guarantee, so there are still some problems with the oil pressure system, good or bad, but it must be controlled with small errors It is not easy to use.

2. The screw rod bending machine, also known as a full mechanical bending machine, can completely meet the corresponding requirements in terms of control accuracy, and can control the top speed within 0.01, so that the X / Y axis can be doubled. The shaft speed ratio achieves a good matching effect, and in terms of hot and cold performance, the accuracy is not affected at all, and a more ideal effect is achieved. The important point is that the price is extremely high.

3. Servo roll bending machine, with full servo, the accuracy is not much different from the mechanical roll bending machine, but the servo motor of the same power is much smaller than our current motor, which results in insufficient power and easy protection. If the line speed is slightly different, the motor is immediately protected, so the servo motor is not suitable for the use of the bending machine, the price is high, and the scope of application is poor, so we do not recommend using the servo. Serve the selling point of the servo motor to sell maliciously, but the actual use is not a servo motor, so please be careful! !! !!

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