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CNC roll bending machine|roll bender machine

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Roll Bending forming Machine

CNC roll bending machine

I. Equipment parameters

1 Repeated positioning accuracy of working axis: <= 0.01mm;

2 axis distance: 350-450mm;

3 Shaft diameter: 65mm

4 axis length: 300mm

5 Maximum pressure: 22T;

6 Weight: 1.1T

7 Volume: length * width * height = 1300 * 1300 * 1500;

8 total power: 4.5;

9 Power supply: three-phase four-wire AC380V;

Use environment

1 Please use indoors to prevent water spray;

2 Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ -50 ℃;

3 Recommended hydraulic oil: 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil;

4 Grounding: The equipment must be reliably grounded;

3. Mechanical properties and main scope of application

The universal automatic CNC roll bending machine adopts an independently developed hydraulic system, which is stable and efficient, and has no gaps in the mechanical structure. The CNC control system is a perfect combination of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic. Widely used in aluminum alloy doors and windows, automotive industry, aerospace, high-speed rail, wind power generation, ships, large buildings, bridges, bending of various non-standard metal profiles.

Fourth, the main technical parameters of automatic CNC roll bending machine

1 The design and manufacture of the equipment follow ISO international standards and national machine tool related standards.

2 The measurement units of all parts and various instruments conform to SI international standards.

Fifth, the features of automatic CNC roll bending machine

l In the processing of special-shaped arcs, it can be bent with multiple radii at one time (multi-curvature) or multiple times according to the material, which can effectively improve the processing efficiency and save labor.

l Ordinary arc can be processed in one time, with high efficiency. It can also be molded multiple times according to the actual situation, effectively ensuring the appearance of the arc and the practicality of the equipment.

l Advanced material bounce rate automatic compensation function, the equipment automatically corrects the processing data according to the measurement results, eliminating the problem of material bounce affecting the processing size.

l The imported hydraulic pump is used in the self-developed hydraulic system, so that the positioning accuracy of the work shaft is less than 0.01mm under the control condition of 20 tons of pressure.

l Three-roller independently controllable, stepless speed regulation, three-roller speed automatic matching, make up for the difference in linear speed [difference between inner diameter and outer diameter] during the forming of the workpiece radius, and the workpiece surface will not be pulled. Wheelbase 350-450mm arbitrary adjustment;

l Accurate radius (R) control and easily complete continuous processing of multiple arcs and complex graphics;

l Real CNC control system, to solve the smoothness and symmetry of the workpiece when different curvature transitions;

l Humanized control system, flexible, simple, understand at a glance, can be used once; solve the dependence on skilled workers;

l Reasonable and compact structure design, perfect combination of components; reliable parts and assembly standards, eliminating the worry of your equipment maintenance;

l Exquisite mold design technology, perfect solution to product quality issues such as wrinkles, scratches, distortions, indentations, etc.

l Unique core algorithm, rich rolling processing parameters and rich practical production experience, producing unique products for you without worries;

l Automatic blanking calculation, reducing your material waste, automatic pressure adjustment function, saving energy and reducing your electricity expenses;

l Centralized control circuit to extend the life of each mechanical drive mechanism component and make the machine run more stable.

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Works great on small jobs. I have been trying to use it without it being bolted to a bench. It really needs to be bolted down to make it easy to use. Nice tight bends.This is a great metal brake. I use it to bend brackets for ski bikes. It makes nice tight radius bends.pipeline bending machine, cnc punching machine, cnc rolling pipe bender, 3 roll cnc roll bending machine for sale